100% Shatterproof, Foldable Wine Glass

The silicone wine glasses innovative shatterproof design differ from all the drawbacks of regular wine glasses that you never worry about broken glasses, broken stems and rest easy with no more mess to clean up. Your silicone wine glasses are easy to care for No-Fuss party cleanup and no worries about scratches, chips or cracks. The beautifully shaped stemless style features a colorful and stylish appearance that goes well with college graduation, black-tie affairs and casual campfire chats.

  • Non-Spill
  • Thermal, insulated stainless-steel (keeps it at the perfect temperature for hours)
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  • Perfect For All Occasions
  • Eco-Friendly


  • 14 oz


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Delivery estimated by 3-10 days
  • Tracking number provided


  • Hassle free returns & exchanges
  • Lifetime warranty

Lasts A Lifetime

Vinret Silicone Wine Glasses will serve as the ideal present for anybody who likes wine! They are the same size as a regular glass of wine, only these are Stemless Wine Glasses made of silicone.

Take It Anywhere, Anytime

Never worry about broken glass anymore with these Shatterproof Indestructible Vinret Silicone Wine Glasses. Can be used as wine glasses, party cups, whiskey tumblers, beer cups, mixed drinks, and cocktails.

Portable, Foldable Size

Vinret Silicone Wine Glasses are perfect for Wine on the Go! Travel with them to any outdoor event such as a: Christmas, BBQ, Beach, Pool, Park picnics, Camping or any weekend trip or vacation!

Celebrate The Design & Planet

Non-toxic for people and planet + oceans

When it comes to the environment, silicone is highly durable and more ocean friendly than plastic. Silicone, which is made from silica found in sand, is much longer lasting than plastic in the environment as well as while being used in products.

Unbreakable: Shatterproof Indestructible Silicone Wine Cups
Our workshop has been churning out beautiful, high-quality personalized wine products for 7 years. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, but we don’t believe those changes should cost you. That’s why our new, improved design are still as low as $8.99.