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4 PCS Silicone Wine Cups Foldable Wine Glasses Unbreakable Glasses Nonslip


Bestseller, never break a glass again.

  • Never worry it will break
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Won’t crack or shatter in the freezer
  • Soft to touch for both hot and cold liquids
  • No external condensation on the outside like glassware
  • BPA Free of  toxins

Darrell K. Abston
Darrell K. Abston
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I purchased this set as a gift for a friend that has an RV. These won’t break in transit, rattle or damage other dishes. They are a little tippy when empty but work well when filled with wine. I like them.
Gotham Knight
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Love the product. .. they even float in the pool. .. but the only thing I’d like to add to the design is a floating ring around the bottom, so as they float in the pool, they don’t tip towards the opening, which exchanges your beverage for pool water. I’d also like a silicone margarita glass… where the stem may drop below the surface yet float the top well. Thus allowing the pool to cool drinks… either way. . NO GLASS IN THE POOL! which is great
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Got these glasses for camping and campfires and pool days to cut down on the amount of wine glasses broken. I love that they are durable and dishwasher safe. I wish they were thinner around the edges. It feels like I’m drinking out of a bowl. Otherwise, does the job.

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(51 customer reviews)

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Enjoy your smart, modern, convenient cup and never have to worry about smashing or transporting glass every again!

(51 customer reviews)
100% Shatterproof, Foldable Wine Glass

The silicone wine glasses innovative shatterproof design differ from all the drawbacks of regular wine glasses that you never worry about broken glasses, broken stems and rest easy with no more mess to clean up.

Your silicone wine glasses are easy to care for No-Fuss party cleanup and no worries about scratches, chips or cracks.

The beautifully shaped stemless style features a colorful and stylish appearance that goes well with college graduation, black-tie affairs and casual campfire chats.


  • 14 oz / approx 400 ml


  • Worldwide shipping
  • Delivery estimated by 3-10 days
  • Tracking number provided


  • Hassle free returns & exchanges
  • Lifetime warranty
Lasts A Lifetime
Vinret Silicone Wine Glasses will serve as the ideal present for anybody who likes wine! They are the same size as a regular glass of wine, only these are Stemless Wine Glasses made of silicone.
Take It Anywhere, Anytime

Never worry about broken glass anymore with these Shatterproof Indestructible Vinret Silicone Wine Glasses. Can be used as wine glasses, party cups, whiskey tumblers, beer cups, mixed drinks, and cocktails.

For The Planet ♻️

Non-toxic for people and planet + oceans

When it comes to the environment, silicone is highly durable and more ocean friendly than plastic. Silicone, which is made from silica found in sand, is much longer lasting than plastic in the environment as well as while being used in products.

Unbreakable: Shatterproof Indestructible Silicone Wine Cups

Our workshop has been churning out beautiful, high-quality personalized wine products for 7 years. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products, but we don’t believe those changes should cost you. That’s why our new, improved design are still as at the lowest prices.

Vinret Silicone Wine Glasses are perfect for Wine on the Go! Travel with them to any outdoor event such as a: Christmas, BBQ, Beach, Pool, Park picnics, Camping or any weekend trip or vacation!

(51 customer reviews)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes & the slide comes out of the lid so it’s easier to clean

It has a silicone disc but the metal touches surfaces.

Does not come with a straw.

it can be used for hot drinks but the tumbler cannot be microwaved

Dishwasher safe but recommended to hand wash

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Bought Today
(51 customer reviews)

4 PCS Silicone Wine Cups Foldable Wine Glasses Unbreakable Glasses Nonslip


Bestseller, never break a glass again.

  • Never worry it will break
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Won’t crack or shatter in the freezer
  • Soft to touch for both hot and cold liquids
  • No external condensation on the outside like glassware
  • BPA Free of  toxins

Nour Hartman
Nour Hartman
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Absolutely beautiful! Very happy with it. The seller was so great! Great communication and helped me with everything. Definitely recommend getting these tumblers. They are beautiful. Regret not getting one myself but I am definitely going too. It’s so pretty
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I bought these wine tumbles for my cousin as a gift on her biridal shower. They are really nice and good quality. She liked them a lot! I’m happy with this purchase.
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This was very well designed, it was for hot and cold drinks and came beautifully presented. Given to a friends wedding as a gift, they absolutely loved it.Highly recommend.


  1. Darrell K. Abston

    I purchased this set as a gift for a friend that has an RV. These won’t break in transit, rattle or damage other dishes. They are a little tippy when empty but work well when filled with wine. I like them.

    • vinret

      Thanks so much!

  2. Rob Mills

    Perfect for using outdoors, at the pool or any place you want to avoid glass. We plan to use them when we do cup-less trails runs. You can easily squeeze one into a pocket or waistband for use when you arrive at an aid station.

  3. Mia

    Love them that they easily fit in my purse. They stand solid. My only advice would be to not fill them too much until you are used to grabbing as they may spill from the top. Wishful thinking to have a little snap so when i fold it to put it in my purse it stays folded. I have used this for concerts in the park, and to the movie theatre when we are sharing a 5 gallon soda 🤣

  4. L. Camille

    Best. Purchase. Ever. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to enjoy an evening glass of wine but worry you may drop ANOTHER one of sweet Grandma’s antique wine glasses, because you are too busy cooking up something to eat, with a baby on your hip, while watching a toddler ride his bike, as your hubs chats with the neighbors, then worry no more. These glasses are the best! Easy to handle. East to sip. Easy to clean. Easy living, indeed!

  5. Valerie C Hall

    These are awesome! They are made with the really nice silicone that doesn’t leave a funny flavor in whatever you’re drinking out of them, they are very sturdy for being so portable/foldable. I’m a klutz and have broken three of the four glass stemless wine glass set that I previously owned and I had tried the really cheap ones from china which left a weird taste and were not near as sturdy/durable, so I was a little skeptical about these but I am just so glad I spent a little extra money, they were a great buy and I’m going to get another set as soon as I can. Great for outdoor parties, houses with children, or picnics, and somehow still feel like you’re holding a classy Wine glass

  6. George

    I did not purchase these for drinks.I just needed a flexible container so I can squeeze it under the oil filter on my airplane when doing oil changes to prevent spilling the oil inside my cowling, I couldn’t fit any other container in that very tight space and these work great for that purpose cause they’re flexible.I’m very happy with the purchase.

  7. Avid reader

    We purchased these for our travel trailer. We figured with camping we needed cups in that are not breakable and are lightweight. These definitely do the job and fit the bill. The only issue that I have with them is if you put liquid in it more than halfway full and you accidentally squeeze the cup a little too hard then the liquid will spill over the top. Otherwise a great stemless unbreakable wine glass.

  8. Mary Vaughn

    I bought these to use by the pool. These silicone glasses are *very* squishy – if you were startled and squeezed the glass by mistake, all the wine would shoot out. A little too weird. I wouldn’t buy again.

  9. Peter J. Verrill Jr.

    These work perfectly in numerous scenarios. Nobody likes to step on broken glass by the pool and you’ll be sure that never happens when using these stemless and unbreakable glasses. Do you enjoy sharing a few fancy beers on the golf course with your buddies? Crack open that Allagash FV13 you’ve been aging, pour a round into the unbreakable glassware and dispose of the bottle. No more PBR cans and no broken bottles. Two guarantees when bringing the dog for a walk on the beach: 1.) Leash law in effect. 2.) No bottles. These may not help you with rule #1. But they will certainly take care of rule #2. Bottom line…I’ve owned dozens of “unbreakable” drinking vessels and they have felt like a cheap trinket that you win at a carnival. These feel great in your hand, do not alter the taste one bit, travel well and are easy to clean. They are the perfect gift for any occasion. But I’d recommend buying some for yourselves as well because they just might find their way into your own kitchen cabinet. Cheers!

  10. L. Myers

    I do like my glasses. I tried the vinegar and water overnight process, but it left a very vinegar fragrance (probably wrong ratio). I then put them in the oven as suggested, and that did help. The slope of the openings is narrower than I am used to, but I think they will work for drinks on the deck. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and I am looking forward to my toddler grandkids not breaking drink containers outdoors.

  11. Tim8504

    These glasses are cheaply made and stain easily. Not recommended.

  12. Silent no more

    I am so glad that these silicone “glasses” are silicone- twice I have dumped my wine in them. There is an adjustment period from using stemware I guess, lol.

  13. Jeanied

    So far love them. Yes, they are a bit weird….kind of like the inside of a ball or something…BUT I think they are going to be perfect for our trailer. Plastic works, but they get tossed all over during travel. These should stay put better and won’t hurt when I open the cupboard, if they fall out. Plus so good for our 4 year old grandson. I like the odd shape…just looks more special for a “glass” of wine than the typical hard plastic. I also am looking forward to stuffing them somewhere…like a pocket…for hikes. We’ll be using them a lot, in the future, during our travels with our trailer.

  14. CV

    The idea is great, the smell …. not so much, I still have them just in case but really don’t enjoy the smell they have and I’ve had them for over 3 months.

  15. Elisabet Cotter

    We already had a pair of similar, but more translucent, silicone wine glasses that my husband received for Christmas. We really like them, so wanted more for when guest come over. With our original set, as well as our new Brovinos, we find that they are narrow at the rim. Fortunately, the silicone is flexible, one can squeeze a bit to drink happily. Perfect for entertaining and a safer choice than glass around pets and children. We’re giving them as Father’s Day gifts this year.

  16. Shaina

    My mom and I loved them! I got them as a Mother’s Day present as we always seem to break wine glasses in the sink and dishwasher because the stems and glass is thin. These are great. And they don’t stain with red wine!I was a little worried about them being easier to tip over/spill, but I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy they are!

  17. Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley

    The glasses came next day which is always great. The kids love to sit by the pool with their drinks but usually drop them. The heavy plastic cups break and glass shatters so these are perfect.

  18. Shane

    I liked these a lot for enjoying wine outside on the patio or roof, since they are of course unbreakable. They’re a little weird to drink from and take a minute to get used to (pro tip: squeeze it a bit before you sip). Definitely recommend!

  19. kcairns

    Gave these as a gift for a wine enthusiast and they absolutely loved them! Easily the most “popular” gift this year just because nobody had seen it before. Super durable based on all the squeezing that was going on out of sheer fascination lol

  20. Pcmkn

    These are awesome! Brought them to the pool. Whether you’re using for wine or for water..they’re great. My kids used them as water glasses. Was much nicer than plastic cups that blow around when they’re empty. I number them on the bottom with a sharpie so my kids know which one is theirs (can get confusing with lots of kids and they’re in and out of the pool constantly). So it less waste too:)

  21. Brian D Kyser

    Great product! I used them on a overnight kayak trip where space was very limited. They crush down into a little ball and pop right back to shape afterwards. I was able to dump my coffee cup and use this in its place. No heat transfer through the silicone! Several others have said they will be getting them soon.

  22. Sandie

    These are going to be perfect for poolside and travel. I don’t always trust how hotel glasses are washed so I like to bring my own. These are ideal ( or will be when we can travel again).

  23. I person buyer!

    That are what you see, seem to be thick enough to last I bought these for my wife and other family members that may want to be fancy on the trails when we ride! After your done you can squeeze them right into your pocket lol 👍 Thumps up!!

  24. Robin Bedford

    We are planning our second trip to Glacier National Park in July and August. We are taking our oldest son and his wife with us and wanted to share a toast at Sperry Chalet. The trip will include a horseback ride up and a hike down the mountain, on the Gunsight a Trail a total of six miles. We needed wine glasses that could endure being packed in saddle bags up the mountain, and in our back packs for the hike down the mountain. The Jokel silicone wine glasses are perfect! We can “squish” them into our packs and saddle bags! Not only will they be great to toast ” The Crown of the Continent”, but double as great for water and coffee too! Looking forward to using them! Great buy!

  25. kami keeling

    These are opaque white but the picture looks like half of the glass is blue. I guess they are supposed to have red wine in them I guess. I would not have purchased these if I knew that they were white.

  26. Kimberly

    My parents were going camping for their anniversary so I gave them 2 of these wine glasses and a bottle of wine to take with them and they loved it! They sent me a picture of them drinking from the glasses at their campsite. It was so cute-i wish I could put the picture here but I don’t want to embarrass them. It would be great for advertising though!-ha! I love these- I’m saving the other 2 glasses for another gift…unless I decide to use them myself.

  27. Catpoches

    We just ‘like’ these glasses. We keep them around the pool as they are unbreakable. The opening is a little small and we found it awkward to drink from. They are also a little flimsy. We do not fill them up to the rim. Don’t let uncle “John” have is 10th glasses of wine on these ! ! ! ! Good glasses, but not “great” glasses.

  28. Brooke Weaver

    Unbreakable unless you have a a dog that likes to chew. It’s nice that they don’t break when they fall. Fit nicely in a suitcase. My sister really liked them.

  29. Druid47

    These have to be some of the most flexible, squishiest glasses I’ve ever used – and I LOVE them! I wanted something unbreakable, I got something unbreakable! Once you get a feel for them, they’re great. Initially, I tried to hold it like a stemless wine glass, but it was way too soft for that. I quickly discovered that holding it in a way that gently squeezed the top provided a perfectly shaped opening for sipping my favorite beverage.

  30. A. Walls

    Had to test them before reviewing. I used them on a trip recently, and they are good. Packable, no plastic smell, no smell at all. Has a good base. So much nicer than the hotel plastic cups.

  31. Fae Kname

    I had the Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set. The cup was about 2oz too small for me. The bowl was too big to drink out of. This one is just right, about the same volume as a wine glass. Texture wise it’s about the same at the Guyot. It can completely collapse. However, it’s firm enough to pick up full and drink out of for all but the someone with a gorilla grip.

  32. Jasper OnLine

    Purchased these wine “glasses” for our RV. We wanted something light weight and unbreakable for our travels. These glasses met those requirements. You can even fold one up to put inside another for maximum compact storage. Despite that aspect, I do wish they were a little less flexible because they do tend to flex and bend in your hand. Also, right out of the box, they have a bit of a plastic smell but we ran them through the dishwasher and that seemed to eliminate the odor. Overall, we like them and will be putting them to use in the RV. They would be a good choice for use around the pool or other places where you don’t want to risk accidental glass breakage.

  33. D. Edgar

    These glasses are perfect for any outing where you don’t want breakables. They take up very little room since they can be crushed flat and then pop back into shape when you need them. They do have an odor when you first get them, but I did the oven trick and then washed them. The odor is negligible now and will like fade. Just heat them in a 300 degree oven for 3 minutes and then hand wash them. Handle them with care because they will be rather hot.

  34. Bamboo Dan

    My missus tends to break stemware … a lot. When I saw these I knew I had the perfect gift for her! Takes a little bit of getting used to holding, as the silicone gives a little, but you learn quickly. And no more broken glass for ME to step on! YAY!!!!

  35. J. Geyer

    These glasses are fun and serve the purpose! They hold wine (or whatever drink) and don’t break! I used one all of New Years Eve. I bought them to use on our back patio during the warmer seasons. I’ve broken too many wine glasses now. Dropped, kicked over. Now the only possible loss is the drink itself! Maybe there should be silicone lids. Ha. Anyway, great product, doesn’t smell, doesn’t appear to stain with red wine. Haven’t tried the dishwasher yet, I’ve only washed by hand. A little awkward to drink out of at first with the feel, a thicker edge, etc., but you get used to it. Would recommend.

  36. Claire

    These are well made and did the job, however they collected dirt and dust like crazy. If you put them in a bag or anywhere that isn’t perfectly clean, they will attract every last bit of dirt and will not be clean when you arrive for your picnic or whatever. Wasn’t able to use them as much as I was hoping.

  37. Margaret C.

    Great wine glasses for the beach / pool. Was afraid they would stain with red wine but worked great. They do have a chemical smell even after washing.. not a huge deal but does have the smellWhen drinking out of them. May try soaking in lemon juice mixture to see if would help. Will be buying these as gifts as well

  38. SR

    We really enjoyed these wine “glasses.” Took them with us in our backpacks on our short weekend trek so we could have a nice meal and a couple glasses of wine on our first night out in the backcountry. The cups folded up nicely on the way back but I also found them handy to hold little items like a chocolate bar, crackers, etc that could get crushed in the pack. The silicone offered just enough cushion to keep them safe. I ended up giving two of them to the friends who joined us on the trip and I plan to buy another set.I felt that the size and shape was just right as well as the width of the opening. I have lots of nice, including varietal-specific, wine glasses at home and I would say that these are a middle of the road, everyday, red wine glass shape.Call me easily impressed but I’m just happy to not be drinking straight from the wine pouch. Yes, the cups squish a little in your hand but you shouldn’t be filling your wine glass high enough to cause any trouble.Bottom line, these really made our backpacking meal feel a little more special and I can see these being handy for beach picnics too. We look forward to using them again.

  39. roseann8628

    Sent these as a b-day gift for my sister to use around her pool. Arrived right on time and a big hit. Nice seller too. He pointed out that you can wash these and then put in the freezer while they are still wet for an ice cold glass. :)

  40. Mjanaynay

    I love these for the summer. There is a slight smell of silicone initially but it goes away after a few washes. Also, the mouth of the glass is just a bit too small, I would suggest the maker make that larger. It’s hard to drink without the other side of the glass hitting your nose. But, they are used all the time in my house. We keep them in the freezer.

  41. DM

    Actually, I think they’re awesome! They are fun and Squishy to play with I don’t have to worry about them breaking in the jacuzzi, but I did detect a slight aftertaste on my first glass. I think I’ll run them through the dishwasher as recommended, but I honestly don’t believe that there are going to be any problems.